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Blue Skies
About Me

Welcome to my practice.

I opened my Beachwood office Jan. 1, 2011. My graduate degree is from John Carroll University. I am happy to be of service to people in the Greater Cleveland area. I also am licensed in Georgia and South Carolina for clients who may transition to those states.

My heart is in the work that I do and I work with each person who comes to me in ways that are most appropriate for their care. I aim to be effective, authentic, and genuine. I believe that the human mind, body, and soul are best when they are first provided with a good foundation from which they can grow.

It is possible to change perspectives, to modify limiting beliefs, and to make changes through inner transformation. Many people try to switch partners, change jobs, move to another town, all in efforts to change. Environment is definitely important, however, the lasting change many people seek usually comes from within themselves. I can work collaboratively to help facilitate this kind of change.

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