Individual Counseling provides a place where you can express yourself and talk about your individual concerns in a confidential setting. As you might imagine, the focus is on you and how you view yourself and the world. There may also be external influences directly impacting you: job stress, a child with a disability, a rocky marriage. You may be dealing with a health issue, traumatic brain injury, or an aging parent. The focus is on you: your hopes and dreams, how you can cope with difficulties, how you can overcome a challenge, what you can do to improve your work life or family life. Often, individual counseling is prescribed and family members or even the whole family is included in the individual's care. For example, a combat war veteran with PTSD and Anger issues, may want individual counseling where family members can be included to help them understand what the veteran is going through and how best to support the veteran. Marriage and Family Counseling focuses on the family and relationship dynamics and how to improve the family system or the relationship dynamics in a marriage.

In my practice, I mainly work with individuals and the problems they face: going through an difficult adjustment such as a move, problems with children, marrital issues, and may or may not include family members as part of the process.