Individual Counseling provides a confidential setting where you can talk about your specific concerns that may be otherwise hard to discuss. You may want to explore your inner world, your views, your conflicts, and deeper feelings about your life and relationships. Or you may want to develop skills, cope with job stress or major life transition. You may be raising a child with a disability and have a rocky marriage. Counseling can help support you with major decisions or difficulties. It can help you deal with deeper issues underlying an addiction as well as how to heal from addiction. Counseling is a major resource available to you to navigate many difficult to tackle concerns.


As an example, a combat war veteran with PTSD and Anger issues, may need an evaluation for a disability claim, may be involved with the courts, and want to curtail alcohol use which is interfering with his family relationships. Individual counseling may help explore feelings about war trauma and how it has affected ability to work and deal with people and group therapy may help the veteran feel a sense of support by other veterans, but with professional and therapeutic help. relationship dynamics in a marriage.

There are so many scenarios it is like counting grains of sand. The diversity, depth, and breadth of people's lives is truly changing and dynamic. There is always hope for