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Ballet Dancer Duo

Couples Counseling

A great relationship is like a beautiful dance where partners know each other's moves and move together well in synchronicity. Timing, balance, attentiveness, good communication, and cultivation of a loving attitude can help you create the kind of relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Beginning Couples Counseling

Creating your plan to a better relationship

There are many approaches to building a great relationship, and when you do you will find that you want it to last. Certain approaches may be more appropriate for you, depending on the development of your relationship, how you met, and what you have been through together.

There are also many factors that affect your specific situation and circumstances: your personal histories, mental and emotional issues, family influences, blended families, legal concerns, personality factors, and more.

In counseling, you can get a personalized approach to achieving your goals together as well as your own individual goals within the context of your relationship.

You may need help developing communication skills or with deeper emotional reactions that seem out of your control. There is a lot of information about how to develop these relationship skills and I can help with skill development and understanding what works.

Sometimes, the path is not clear and one or both partners may be deciding about staying in a relationship or marriage. I can help you clarify and weigh all of your options, and guide you in the decision-making process. Often, there is no best decision in these matters: there are plus and minuses either way and it is often a difficult decision which requires a good deal of thought and reflection.

Counseling can help guide you through this process to achieve the best outcomes. There are no guarantees what the outcome will be. However, a counselor who can offer guidance, suggestions, and be a neutral party in your process is a great resource to help you get on track. Many couples let years go by before they get help. It is important to make the commitment of time and energy that your relationship requires for the best chances of success.

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