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'A strong sense of self means greater adaptability, greater flexibility, and ability to be there for others in ways that give purpose and meaning to life'

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling can be a highly transformative experience! In counseling, you can learn self-direction of your own mental processes. Self-directed therapy can help you to learn how to be more reflective which is an invaluable skill that you can take with you. Building self-directed skills can help you to achieve the most out of counseling.  For example, you can use the skill of reflection to examine patterns in your life and relationships, recurring themes, relationship dynamics, core values, and even the things 'why' of things that bother you.


Learning to trust your own process can even help you to tap into your creative powers. Your therapy may be like becoming an artist where you learn to express and create something that is uniquely yours and reflects who you are, where you have been, and where you wish to go. It is this journey that can empower you to make changes and break through barriers you may not have thought possible.

Whether your are trying to reach personal goals, or are dealing with mood changes, relationship issues, or any other concern, individual counseling is an excellent way to help you achieve personal growth and greater well-being.

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