Trauma & Abuse Recovery


Saturdays, as agreed


Group Fee: 


Initial Consultation: $125

  • This group is a mixed-gender 75 to 90-minute group is for people who have a history of childhood abuse, including sexual abuse, physical, emotional & psychological abuse, neglect, and/or dysfunctional family problems. The group format is a non-directive, open forum, providing the opportunity to discuss topics relevant to you. 

  • Issues: Topics are open as relevant to group members

  • Eligibility Requirements:

    • A level of frequency of individual therapy with me (could be weekly, bi-weekly, or as needed)

    • An ongoing commitment to your care and participation in this group

    • Ability to be supportive to other group members

Combat Veterans of All Wars


10:00 am

  • This group addresses multiple concerns of Veterans, including problems transitioning home from Iraq / Afghanistan Combat veterans, PTSD symptoms, relationship problems, isolation, suicide, survival guilt, spiritual concerns, benefits, and more.

  • Initial Consultation

  • Group Session Fee ($25.00)

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Trauma & Abuse Recovery