Group Therapy Services​ (PTSD, Trauma, War Veterans)

Trauma & Abuse Recovery


Alternate Saturdays

1:00 pm (subject to change)


Group: ($30 - $35)

Intake: $125

Individual Therapy (as agreed)

  • This group has been running since 2011 and is a mixed-gender 75 to 90-minute group is for people who have a history of childhood abuse, including sexual, religious abuse by clergy, physical, emotional & psychological abuse, neglect, and/or severe family problems. The group format is a non-directive, open forum, providing the opportunity to discuss topics relevant to you. 

  • Issues: Childhood Abuse, Anger, Relationships, PTSD

  • Eligibility Requirements:

    • A level of frequency of individual therapy with me (could be weekly, bi-weekly, or as needed)

    • An ongoing commitment to your care and participation in this group

The Real Deal on the Aftermath of Trauma

Reclaiming Heart, Hope & Soul


Call for details

These groups will run when there are at least 6 group members committed to this process, every other week.  This group is for men and women 18-years old and up who have experienced the wounds of childhood sexual abuse and clergy abuse.

  • 1 initial intake session

  • 8 group sessions

  • 1 follow-up session

Group 1) Meets at All Heart Counseling, 3659 S. Green Rd. and is not specific to sexual abuse by clergy, but encompasses all trauma and abuse.


Group 2) Meets at The Cornerstone of Hope every other Saturday, is specific to those who have been sexually abused by clergy, and is sponsored by the The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland. Please contact me for details.

Combat Veterans of All Wars


10:00 am

  • This group addresses multiple concerns of Veterans, including problems transitioning home from Iraq / Afghanistan Combat veterans, PTSD symptoms, relationship problems, isolation, suicide, survival guilt, soul loss, spiritual concerns, and more.

  • Initial Intake Session

  • Engagement in Individual Therapy As Needed (not required)

  • Group Session Fee ($25.00)


Trauma & Abuse Recovery