There is so much information available today online that it can be very time consuming to sort out what may be relevant to you. There are many more variables to understand in making decisions today that it can be a source of confusion, especially with major life transitions. A professional counselor can help with this process.


In addition, counseling can help in so many ways you may not see now. The relationship you create with your counselor can help you to sort through the complexities of your life, your relationships, and your feelings. 


You may be in crisis. You may have a difficult relationship. You may have experiences or symptoms you do not understand. You may feel as if something is missing and you cannot quite figure it out. Whether you have been through something traumatic or just want support, and you are thinking about counseling, you can get started now and begin to see the benefits.


Some ways counseling can help:


  • Make a difficult decision with the guidance of a neutral party

  • Improve communication in relationships

  • Develop greater self-awareness

  • Improved emotional life and expression of feelings

  • Deal with anger

  • Conquer an addiction

  • Find group support

  • Cope with serious health issues or injuries (traumatic brain injury, chronic pain)

  • Support you through legal problems

  • Provide evidence of a disability

  • Discover a spiritual path

  • Deal with the effects of abuse (depression, mood instability, anger, etc)