Compassionate Care

As a licensed professional counselor in solo private practice, I am wholly dedicated to supporting your welfare and exploring ways to improve your life, relationships, and well-being. People often seek professional help for concerns which generally center around relationships, work and family life, or distressing feelings. In counseling, you can express your feelings and further pinpoint and understand that which is bothering you. There are many concerns you may wish to focus on in counseling: communication with your partner, developing mastery over difficult behaviors or addictions, personal growth and wellness. Counseling provides support as you navigate family transitions, legal concerns, a separation or divorce. Counseling can help you stay on track with the concerns that you have.


I have experience in helping with a range of issues, including veteran's compensation claims, posttraumatic stress, mood disorders, and more. If you want to stop turning against yourself or others in reactive and destructive ways, counseling can help you develop compassion for yourself and others and be more at peace. To make the most out of counseling, it is important to apply what you learn in to your life and move from understanding to action. There are many avenues for change that can help can set the stage for a more fulfilled and productive life. Compassionate care can provide the place and emotional space to explore these therapeutic issues and more.


Surely, the vicissitudes of life and immense sea of challenges we face are important to navigate, go through, and grow through. In counseling, you can explore what is most important to you. One path of counseling is spiritual discovery and being of service to one another in life-giving ways. Counseling provides an alternative way to reflect upon life, one's personal history and experiences, and develop a deeper wisdom of how to fulfill your highest self.